• Integrity
  • Character
  • Self love and respect
  • Heart

That’s just to name a few.

We have had some recent discussions in the Smalarz household about the value of money, what you can buy with it, why sometimes it’s good to save and other times it’s good to spend it on something you have been working toward. [My older son is saving for a FitBit]

But one of the thing I love about having conversations with children, or at least people who are open minded and still curious is that fact that starting out a conversation in one way can quickly lead to another. And ours led to things that money CANNOT buy.

I was soooooo glad they asked this question because of course I responded to one of their questions with a question :

What are some things that money CANNOT buy?

And within what seemed like nano seconds, they said:

  • Being nice
  • Not being annoying
  • Being a good player on the soccer field

Seems like commons sense, no? Well, as many others have said before me – what is common sense is not necessarily common practice.

While there are many things money CAN buy like a house, food, position; money cannot buy respect. Actually, let me clarify – you may get “perceived” respect in that people pretend to want to be around you for what they can get from you. But when you run out of money, you will soon find yourself out of “friends.”

Don’t get me wrong – I like money, even love money. There are many great things money can bring. And there are many great things you can do with money. But, in my humble opinion, I don’t think money can buy character.

Someone smarter than me once told me that people won’t remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel.

How are you making others feel? Are you buying or earning their respect? Because true respect is something that money cannot buy.