How many of you enjoy networking? Going into an event or room where you may know one or two people, or maybe no one at all? Okay, for those of you nodding your head “Yes!” you can stop reading…Just kidding. Please keep reading and share your comments on what you do, if anything to prepare for networking events or if they just come naturally to you.

For those of you who are like me and networking events can be mentally and physically draining, this Reflective Friday’s post is for you!

I was fortunate enough to attend a networking event hosted by SheStarts on Tuesday morning. I really enjoy going to these events – or I should say on my way home I am always glad I went! And here’s what’s interesting – there is a difference to those statements and that’s my focus for this week.

I realized this week, consciously at least because this may have been something swirling up inside that head of mine, but setting an intention for a networking event is just as important as setting an intention for a meeting or seminar or workshop or class.

And here’s what I mean by that.

It is much harder for me to go into an event as Amy Smalarz, the Founder of Women’s Biz Accelerator, Coach and CEO and much EASIER for me to go into an event as Amy Smalarz, the builder of a Summer Entrepreneurship Program for Young Women. In the former, I’m going in for myself, for my business, for my company but in the latter, I have a greater purpose and intention.

I am working to build a week-long summer program for middle- and high school-aged young women in the city of Boston. The idea is to teach them some business skills, about entrepreneurship and by the end of the week they will go home with a business plan for a business or project. I’m super excited to be working on this and the energy of those already supporting it is amazing!

Now, here’s the interesting part: I went in for those young women, who I don’t even know yet. I went in to find some partners, supporters, networkers, helpers, etc. I went in, not for me, but for something bigger than me. And that made such a big difference!

Some of you, many of you actually, may have already come to this conclusion a long time ago. I have been told I have a thick skull and it can be hard for things to penetrate it. But, having said that, learning this was an epiphany for me!

So, the next time you are networking or going to an event, ask this question:

What is my intention for this event?

I have found this so helpful and useful – and I hope that you do to!

Networking is an essential part of not only business but of human nature. As humans, we need a tribe or community – and as people who want to grow and learn new things (all of you who read my Blog, my other posts and watch my videos, take my classes, etc.) we need to get out there.

So, get out there already! Networking – yes, you can make the best of it!