golden rule

Thank you, Maureen Dowd for your op-ed piece in the Sunday New York Times titled Is Francis a Perilous Pope?. It brought me back to reality when it comes to the Pope and the Church as an Institution. Like any leader of a large, multi-national corporation, Pope Francis is making head-way in some areas and still behind in others.

While reading Dowd’s article, I was reminded that:

  • When it comes to the potential of female priests, Pope Francis says no, “That door is closed.”
  • A priest in San Francisco was sanctioned for attending a conference on women’s ordination in Philadelphia – just last week

As Dowd puts it:

The church is in arrested development.

I applaud all of the work he and the Church is doing in some areas but there are still strides to be made, especially when it comes to women and how they are seen and treated within the overarching organization. I’m not talking about people’s involvement in their local Church or group. Instead, I mean from the top down – what is the message being sent? What words are being used? What actions are taken?

While it’s great that the Pope has thanked the American nuns (last week at St. Patrick’s) his lack of forward motion on women is still a large weakness. In the words of the priest in San Francisco, Father McClure who can no longer celebrate Mass:

I feel that pain of being silenced and in this silencing, I am beginning to feel the deep pain women feel all over the church.

Here’s to hoping the Pope’s stance on culture wars extends to women around the world!