7 Things Related to Relationships and EQ

I know I posted an article on emotional intelligence yesterday but I read this one this morning and had to share it – because it’s not just for kids but for adults, too.

Want to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids? 7 Things to Teach Them About Good Relationships

And what really struck me was the 7 Things listed for kids are not just for kids…they are for adults, too. Ideas like “Be overwhelmed without freaking out” and “Appreciate others out loud” seem applicable to me!

It seems that if we want to raise kids that are kind, giving, smart and act as if they are part of a community that we need to do the same. As I shared in my post yesterday, What you say isn’t always what they hear…¬†kids are always listening and observing. What better way to teach them than by action!

While it seems like common sense, we all know that common sense isn’t always common practice! While we have great intentions, we don’t always act on them.

Which leads me to one more thing…do you want to become more intentional in your day? As I like to say, Having Intention is Having Direction! What direction are you headed in? I am starting a 5-Day Challenge, Living Intentionally on Friday, April 1st. I encourage you to check it out and sign up!

We learn by doing so let me teach you some tips so you can bring more Intention into each and every day!