Have you ever had one of those days where you had things set out to do and well, life happened? You didn’t even get close to what you wanted to do that day. And you felt upset, aggravated or even defeated for not accomplishing what you had hoped…?

Today was one of those days for me. It was another snow day and the boys were home from school. And since we aren’t set up for homeschooling yet (thinking of going down that path in a year or so), we set out after breakfast to make a schedule for the day. I wanted to make sure they got some worksheets and ‘school’ and reading time in while balancing that with some play and outside time. It was snowing afterall and what’s the use of being home from school because of snow and not even playing in the snow?!?!

Needless to say but the start of this post that not all was accomplished. The boys did get their worksheets and reading time in but I didn’t get in anywhere near the work time I had hoped. I printed out worksheets that were fun yet challenging, which meant they asked me a lot of questions to help work through them. I don’t give them the answers but ask them more questions and help them get to the answer. But…because I was spending time with them during our ‘work’ time, I didn’t get to get any of my work done. And then there was play time, then shoveling….and on and on it went.

Now, it’s after dinner and my husband is home from work. I have some time to sit and write and catch up on some things today and my first thought was how much I didn’t get done today. And then I remembered about my own creation of Mindset Mondays – and how I wasn’t living up to what I am asking of others. And actually, when I think about it, we accomplished a lot today:

  • Played snow hockey in the street and didn’t even lose the ball (we lose a lot of them)
  • We played a full game of Sorry without anyone getting upset when they were sent back to home
  • A personal bet record was set by both boys on our mini-Ninja warrior course in our downstairs
  • We smiled – a lot
  • We had quiet reading time – together
  • My boys and I went for a walk in the snow and I got to hear their stories from their ‘stuffed animal worlds’

So, after thinking about this, yes, I did have one of those days. A day I will cherish because even though I may not have gotten work done I had intended this morning, I think we made some great memories and those will last a lifetime!