Jupiter_opportunity_knocksThe news out of Baltimore brought great sadness to my heart and mind yesterday and again today while I read about it. I cannot imagine what Mr. Gray’s parents, family and friends are going through – but I can guess that people rioting in the streets isn’t helping them in their grieving process.

I don’t understand why and how people can loot their own neighborhoods, steal from their neighbors, burn down businesses that employ them, their friends and neighbors. They are cowards and nothing more.

For some areas that are already economically challenged, with unemployment higher and kids dropping out of school – what message does it send to children growing up in those neighborhoods? Instead of finding positive energy and working to better situations you can just loot, burn and steal from people instead.

I hope the city of Baltimore comes down hard on those who disrespect other people and themselves. Their actions are not OK and they should have to work to pay back the city and businesses for what was lost yesterday – and what will be lost while repairs are made. They should also apologize to Mr. Gray’s family and friends for disrupting a day that was already unpleasant. Shame on them.

I can only hope people learn from these devastating actions – we can make positive change in this world but when you knock on the door of opportunity, work often answers (~ Brendon Burchard). Opportunity is knocking in Baltimore – what will people choose to do?