Not to be too cliche but I was reminded today of a Blog post I wrote back in August titled: We don’t need presents, we need presence.  I bring it up today as we are approaching Christmas this week, which is a day both of my sons have been looking forward to for a while now.

My husband and I work hard to instill the ideas that Christmas isn’t necessarily a day to get lots of presents. We talk a lot about what we can do to be good people each day, give back, help others, do our best, etc. And expecting to get a lot of presents on one day of the year doesn’t align with those messages all that well.

Going back to my original Blog post back in August, I was inspired to write it because it was near my birthday. And similar to what Christmas is to my boys, my birthday could be considered a big day. Yes, it is a celebration that I made it another year…But honestly, each day I wake up I am thankful to be given an opportunity to do something good for myself and others.

At a time of year when so many people talk about service, how many are actually doing it day in and day out? How many people are the kind of person who would hold the door open for someone, give a smile to a stranger or give of themselves without asking for something in return?

That is what presence is – or part of what it entails. Being Present in life is be aware of your surroundings, being in the moment and giving the best of you – the best you are able to give that day at that moment.

So, during this holiday season, I wish you days filled with Presence! Each and every day!