Day Two of the Beyond the Pill conference didn’t disappoint. It was acknowledged today that going Beyond the Pill isn’t just about post-lauch activities but it’s also about the pre-launch activities and exploring the patient need for a therapy and a payer’s willingness to provide adequate and reliable accessroots.

During the conference we had a great workshop exercise where we worked in groups to identify a concept to bring to market. What I loved about this exercise is the instigator or premise of the concept was rooted in patient feedback and experiences. Once the premise is set, the collaborators fall in-line and become obvious. Identifcation is easy but engagement, inclusion and incorporation is not.

It is important to recognize the following:

  • Who are your partners?
    • On the surface, this may seem like an easy question but once you delve into the issue or challenge, your list of partners are scruitinized – and they should be. Partners should not be taken lightly and the wrong partner can steer you in the wrong direction at best or crash your initiative at worst.
  • Identifying your target market
    • Is it a general market? Chronic or acute care? Senior care or managed care? Your target market will define your language so choose your target market wisely.
  • Appropriate technological development
    • Once you have identified your partners and target market, technology is sure to follow! What technology is necessary to keep partners up to date and included in your development? What does your target market want or need in terms of technology? Chances are they don’t need another App but do they want to receive up-to-date information on drug developments? Do they want a portal that provides a feedback loop on their progress (such as the Fitbit app and on-line capabilities that enable you to monitor progress)?

Do you have presence or quality or a quality presence? There’s a difference – and you can’t be successful or impactful until you recognize the variations and address them head on.