Living Intentionally: How to Bring Balance to You and Your Family

Imagine waking up in the morning and giving yourself a few minutes to set your actions for the day.

Imagine knowing the direction you want to be heading and setting your own agenda on what is Important for you versus Urgent for others.

Imagine making decisions based on whether they are GROWTH opportunities for you, helping you to move toward your positive direction or if they are DEPLETING ones whether they be fun or interesting or boring or distracting, they will take you away from yourself and the direction you want to be headed.

When you woke up today, how did you feel? Were you excited and just couldn’t wait to get going? Or, were you like many other people – preparing and getting ready for the same thing – just on a different day? Are you surviving or thriving? Are your circumstances being dictated to you or are you choosing to live Intentionally?

By the time you finish reading this book, you will have the tools and roadmap you need to take back control of your LIFE! No more wishing you had one more hour in the day.

No more wondering where the days or weeks have gone. No more looking for the latest technology or App to help you maximize your schedule or to-do list.

If you think: if I can just get this schedule a bit tighter, if I didn’t have to deal with some of the nonsense at work, if I could just be better with my time, if I could be more productive, if I could get up earlier and stay up later, etc. Then this book is for you!

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3 Steps to Goal Success: Avoiding the ‘Negative Spin Cycle’ of Goal Setting

In this 4-part series, you will get real, actionable steps to help you reach your exceptional goals. You will get confidence. You will get direction. You will get intention.


You get time for you…mind and head space to think a goal through.

You get a process you can use for the rest of your life.

Maybe most important, you get a goal you want…really want!

And a plan to put in the effort and to celebrate your small wins along the way.

You avoid the ‘negative spin cycle’ of goal setting that has plagued thousands if not millions of people each year. 

You get something worth working and fighting for!