The product of a broken home, a terrible student, an average athlete, a socially-awkward college flunkie and a serial failure for the first 36 years of his life, Sean searched for what it took to be a Champion like so many he saw around him. What he discovered allowed him to go from just $26 in his checking account to completely reinventing every area of his life over the next 6 years. Along the way he discovered a series of mindsets and skill sets for being a champion which he now shares with others through his various programs under the Rise Up Champion brand.

In this episode, Sean and I discuss:

  • Having to choose which parent to live with
  • Flunking out of college, joining the military, and jumping from job to job
  • The long and winding road to becoming who he is now
  • Showing up every day
  • Rising up and being the champion you were created to be
  • Becoming ‘unmessable.’
  • Being aware of where you are in the moment
  • Trying to do something every day to keep you focused
  • Looking for the ‘squeeky doors’
  • Freeing up unnecessary energy by creating good habits
  • Being okay with things not being easy

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Fun Facts about Sean:

What is your favorite movie?  A Knight’s Tale
What is your (or one of your) favorite sayings?  “You Were Created to Do Good Works.”
What book or books are on your nightstand right now?  Your Work Matters to God; The Genius in All of Us