September’s issue of SUCCESS magazine was jammed packed with great material – as always. But I wanted to share my take on one of the articles from my own personal experience with my kids and family.

Melissa Balmain wrote the article My First Coach: Mom, Life Lessons from a born teacher. It is so powerful and the 6 life lessons she learned were:

  1. Say No to the Fear of “No”
  2. Keep your eyes on the REAL prize
  3. Give Back. Then give back some more
  4. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself
  5. Play every day
  6. Focus on the good

Here is my take on why each of these is so important – and I would love to hear yours!

Say No to the Fear of “No”…

  • We need to push ourselves beyond our limits and what we think we “might be able” to do. The act of trying, in and of itself, is saying “No” to fear. We cannot trap ourselves into the “impossible” mindset. We should open and maintain a “possibility” mindset.

Keep your eyes on the REAL prize…

  • The real prize is doing something and knowing you gave it your all – and didn’t do it half-way. Everyone doesn’t win a trophy but everyone can put in their own blood, sweat and tears – effort, and do their best.

Give back. Then give back some more…

  • Giving back and helping others, while is great for those you are helping, does wonders for you. Humbling yourself and recognizing there is more to life than “keeping and accumulating” is critical. No matter where you live, what you do, there are opportunities EVERY day to give back so give back and then give some more!

Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself…

  • Too often in life, we get comfortable and then fear change (remember, say No to the Fear of “No”). Reinventing yourself can be small or big changes, but when you stay true to yourself, the reinvention seems natural and your next step. Don’t get stuck in “comfortable” if you feel change is what you need.

Play every day…

  • Playing and smiling and laughing every day is a must! One of the greatest things about me having kids is that I get to be a kid again, too 🙂 We have dance parties every morning or make silly faces in the camera or just goof off. I’m also getting better at the monkey bars since my kids and I took a summer challenge of doing pull-ups and the monkey bars in 60 seconds….All of that is to say that playing and smiling and laughing is truly the best medicine – and by playing you develop and foster great relationships!

Focus on the good. As wiser people before me have said:

It’s about the glass being half-full or half-empty. It’s the fact there is something in the glass at all

  • Focusing on the good brings positivity to your life, lowers your stress hormones and enables you to make better, clearer and more rational decisions. It also brings more joy – and when you have more joy you are in a better position to share your joy with others.

These are examples I work to share and emulate with those in my life.

What are your key life lessons that you share with others?