open mhealthI have been following and talking with folks who work at Open mHealth for a few months now. I also had the pleasure of collaborating with David Haddad, a co-founder and Executive Director. They are doing such innovative things and really using technology in a positive way. Recently, in the Bay Area, they spoke about Apple ResearchKit and the future of digital healthcare. They are truly a cutting edge organization that is collaborative and there for the patient. Honestly, it is a breath of fresh air to know that an organization is really working to use what we already have for the better. It’s also great that companies and organizations are coming together for a greater good. Companies should take notice because collaboration, not necessarily competition is the wave of the future for healthcare. Yes, there is competition for uptake of a product or initiative, but if people are not healthy or are dying, then they can’t participate anyway. Why not work toward a greater good especially since we all know that a rising tide lifts all boats? (Thank you JFK)