Ahhh, New England. Thanks to global warming I have had 60+ degree days in February and silly me, I was getting used to those…

Well, I am reminded today of where I really live as the snow is here and falling and school has been officially closed. As an aside, I think the superintendent got a little trigger happy since we apparently have 4 snow days to ‘burn.’ Like that’s not going to come back to bite us later this year…? Yet, I digress.

It used to be that snow days would bring a bit of a panic:

  • What meetings do I have scheduled?
  • Can I work from home or do I need to drive into the office for a bit?
  • I have a slide deck (PowerPoint to get done today!)
  • Who is going to watch the kids while my husband and I try to get our work done?

And on and on…you get the point. And I’m guessing some of you – at least those of you with kids – may understand these thoughts and feelings.

I no longer have to commute to an office; I am able to work from home (unless I’m traveling). However, that can make matters worse because everyone is on my home/office turf! Don’t they know that sometimes I’m in my office, other times I’m walking around the house talking on the phone and other times I sit at the kitchen table?? Where am I going to spread out today?!? So, you see, if I let it, I could still panic and get worried.

But I choose to enjoy my snow days. Yes, I said CHOOSE.

My negative and worrisome thoughts will not change the fact that school is closed today – I know because for years I held all of that negative energy and worrisome thoughts and not even once did the school superintendent change their decision. I know, can you believe that?!

So, I chose to change my mentality. Yes, I said CHOSE.

My mentality has changed the past 3 years since I started my business. I started my business to contribute and serve others. I want to make a Positive Impact and I keep that top of mind every day. And on days like today, Snow Days, my impact is yes, writing and working on developing courses and working with clients. But my impact is also smiling and laughing and sharing time home with my boys. You see, by changing my mentality, I take these snow days as gifts.

Yes, I said a GIFT.

My boys are 6 and 8 yet I know all too well that they will not stay this age forever. They want to play with me, read with me, talk with me, etc. And while we will all have our work/school/reading time today, we will also have play time and together time.

So, how do you see unexpected days at home with your family? Do you allow yourself to see them as gifts?

Snow days – I have learned to cherish them.