Here in New Hampshire, women, hundreds even thousands of women before me lived here and thrived off the land. They were strong, reliable and warriors.

As I was exploring with my family today we came to 2 places that gave me pause. I felt their spirits still alive and well. I felt their strength, their courage, their tenacity. As my boys walked up ahead, I lingered. My breath got deeper, slower. I could sense their spirits in the rocks, in the ground…all around me.

One place was where the women of the Pemigewassett Indian women would take themselves and the children to safety while the men of the tribe either fought other tribes or later the white men who came and eventually took their land.

The second place was a hiding place of slaves along the Freedom railroad and it would be one of the last stops before Canada. This was a station also run by women who were helping others to escape and to gain not only a sense of freedom but to have an opportunity to flourish – or at least not be beaten and worked to the bone and starved on a daily basis.

Granted, today I am not fighting a daily battle not am I starving or enslaved. But like you, we all have our own battles that we are fighting. And being in such spiritual places today, it was such a great reminder that each day, I could give in or I could stand up and be the protector, be the teacher and be the guide. Like the women warriors before me, they could have also taken the easier route – given in, not stood their ground, not be strong. But, where’s the fun in that?!

As Harriet Tubman famously said:

I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

Are you a slave or a fighter?

Are you a slave or will you share your voice?

This vacation, especially for reasons unknown, have brought many questions to my mind. It has also brought clarity at the same time.

The women, the spirits I felt today are my Soul Sisters and it is their example I choose to follow.

Who are your Soul Sisters?

What example are you choosing to follow?


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