happy new year

How many times have you had such great intentions and set a New Year’s Resolution and said “This year is going to be the year I….” fill in the blank with your best intentions. And then a month or 2 has gone by and you realize that not only have you not achieved your Resolution but you haven’t even changed your habits to get there.

I’ll openly admit that it has happened to me more than once or twice. And you and I aren’t the only ones – we are HUMAN afterall and I have yet to meet someone who is perfect.

That’s why in this week’s episode of Reflective Fridays: Set your 2016 Goal Today! I challenge you to set your goal or goals for 2016 – TODAY! Click here to watch the episode.

  • Write your goal on an index card or piece of paper
  • Tape the goal to your mirror, your desktop or someplace you see it every day
  • Each day, when you read that goal ask yourself “What did  I do today to take me toward my goal?”

Three easy steps that help you to create a HABIT! It is this habit, not a goal, that will get you on your way to success for 2016!

And don’t forget to: Start and end every day with a SMILE!