Steve Sims is an ugly kid from the outskirts of London, wasn’t born into the world of luxury but certainly holds his place there now Founder and expert marketer within the luxury industry, been quoted in various publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London’s Sunday Times, and South China Morning Post, TV and has been a speaker at a variety of networks, groups and associations as well as the Pentagon and Harvard – twice!  Want to sing with your favorite rock star, have lunch with Donal Trump, get married in the Vatican – these are just a few highlights of what he does He is well regarded for his marketing within the luxury world but be prepared, he does things his way!

In this episode, Steve and I discuss:

  • Grabbing hold of cliches and living each moment to its fullest
  • Anything is possible
  • Never ask a question that can be answered with an answer you don’t want to hear
  • Not putting parameters on your dream
  • Shoot for the highest option first
  • Doing what you love
  • Being carried by your dreams
  • The fights not over when you go down, it’s when you stop getting up
  • Success is not defined by dollars
  • Why not me?

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Fun Facts about Steve:

What is your favorite movie?  Ferris Buller of course
What is your (or one of your) favorite sayings?  If there is no passion, there is no point
What book or books are on your nightstand right now?  Dr Seuss, 50 shades & cooking in Florence