Seth Godin has a brilliant mind and for those of you who haven’t read any of his work, I highly recommend you start! And since my theme today is avoiding Self Sabotage, featuring his quote seemed appropriate.

So far today, how many times have you doubted what you were about to do? What you were thinking of doing? What you wanted to do? For many of you, it’s probably more times than you would like to admit.

Why is that? Why do we doubt ourselves and maybe even worse, sabotage what could be a great, no brilliant, idea?

From my experience, I have found it is because of at least one of the following reasons:

  • We are afraid we might be wrong
  • We are afraid we might be right
  • It will take effort to follow through
  • We can’t decide what we will give up to make room for the new thing so we give up

Any of that sound familiar? I know for myself this is often the case. It takes a willingness to be wrong (or right), courage to work hard and effort to make it happen. And some days, we just aren’t feelin’ it. Some days we let “easy” win out, i.e., saying to ourselves, “…that was a dumb idea anyway…”

Well, as many of you know, I’m not about easy or giving in. And if you are reading this, chances are you are in the same camp. So, the next time you feel self-sabotage coming on, answer these questions and see if you can slay your own internal dragon!

  • Think about and write down:
    • What benefit(s) your thoughts or ideas would bring to you?
    • What benefit(s) your thoughts or ideas would bring to others, i.e, your contribution?
    • What could happen if you do this thing?
    • What could you miss out on if you don’t do this thing?
    • Is it worth it?

Having Intention is Having Direction! Thinking about and knowing where you want to go can often times make what seems like a hard decision actually much easier!

If you want more tips on how to Live Intentionally, join me and others by taking my 5-Day Living Intentionally Challenge!

And don’t forget to start and end every day with a SMILE!