High Performance Coaching with Amy has truly catapulted my life from “good to great.” At the beginning of our 12 session journey, I was a little skeptical about how much value this process would lend to my already intentional and purpose-driven life. However, I am still reaping the benefits. On the surface, the high-performance tools, tips and techniques provided me immediate solutions that I could integrate at work and in my personal life. Our sessions and the reflective exercises I worked on between our sessions proved to be an even deeper experience. I am still returning to these topics and journaling on them. Amy listens with intention and with an ear to helping her clients learn more about themselves than they would ever expect. Her questions, comments and insight were invaluable. Her personal touch always left me feeling like I was her favorite client! I highly recommend Amy to anyone who is ready to take the next big leap with their life!”


I has been my great pleasure to have Amy present truly relevant and motivating workshops for clients and supporters of my business.  Amy’s workshops are engaging and challenge the audience participants to be present in the moment and live intentionally.  I look forward to continued collaboration with Amy in the future.

Marla Persky

President & CEO, WOMN, LLC

One big take-away I took from Amy’s Workshop was that we need to definitely review our training program for our  specialists to better work with our customers!

Concord Cupcakes

Living with intention is living with personal power to accomplish your highest aspirations and goals. But how do you know that you are truly living with intention? What does it look like? What does it feel like? There are moments of activity in our life that are certainly driven by intention, but how do we harness the Energy of Intention to guide us to do more, serve more and be more? Amy Smalarz and her Intentional Living crusade has me asking these questions on a daily basis. She haunts me with these questions… but in a loving and supportive way. Imagine being the person of your dreams, living the life of your dreams and knowing exactly what you should be doing as you move through your life. Living with intention is living with ultimate freedom. Amy Smalarz is my tour guide for Intentional Living.


Amy shared some great insight on how I can prepare myself for client meetings. It’s not just a ‘sales pitch’ but I am on a journey with the Customer. That realization alone with worth it!

VP, Workers Credit Union