So, I had an epiphany today.

Last week was the start of another semester of my Organizational Behavior course at a local Business School. And of course, I didn’t start to really prepare for the course until a few days before it began because…well, I have taught it before and I’m used to the sequence of the material. But last week I decided to change it up a bit. Yes, I am still covering the material I’m supposed to, but the sequence is changed a bit. Now, of course, my students don’t know this but I do and it keeps it fun for me 🙂

And so, today, I showed Brene Brown’s TED talk on Vulnerability In previous semesters, I had waited to share this video – waited to get to know the students a bit better; waited until we covered more material; just waited. It is one of my favorite TED talks and even though it was recorded in 2010 it is still relevant today. Actually, given the current climate in America – maybe even more so.

After the video, we had a really great discussion because the premise of her talk was perceptions – how we perceive ourselves, actually. I shared the video because I wanted to students to hear from someone other than me that we are all more alike than we realize or may want to realize. There are varying degrees, of course, but at our human core, we crave connection. And vulnerability is an amazing vehicle to gain that connection. Easy, no. Painless, definitely not. But vulnerability is necessary if we are going to share ourselves and connect with others.

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