This quote was one of MANY I wrote down while sitting front row during Glennon Doyle Melton‘s talk yesterday.

The word WARRIOR has so many meanings. And to most, it’s a noun. But I heard it described in a new light – as an action, a verb.

When I think of Warriors, Joan of Arc and Leonidas come to mind. They were Brave, they faced unspeakable circumstances and went in with their heads held high. Sure, their outcomes may have been less than perfect but their example, what they stood for…ageless. That has lived on.

In our day and age, it is hard to think of someone…TODAY who me or you or my kids can look up to. Too many people avoid the hard stuff. Hit the easy button and move on.

If you are like me and my clients and teams and customers, you are done with hitting the easy button. While it is, yes, easy, it doesn’t bring you joy. It doesn’t bring you fulfillment. You don’t bring your truest, best self forward.

So, as I love challenges, here’s one for the weekend. Try one or try all 3!

  • Sit in a quite place for 3 minutes. No TV, no music, less noise and just sit. You can have your eyes opened or closed – but closed usually works better. And while you are sitting, just count your breaths as they go in and out. Count up to 10 and then start over again. Set the timer on your phone for 3 minutes and try it.
  • Journal for 3 minutes each day. Again, set that timer on your phone and just write. About anything – but put pen to paper!
  • Think about yesterday and answer the 2 questions below. I doesn’t have to be long, drawn out responses. Bullet points will do. What’s important is that you answer both and write them down!What went well?
  • Where do I need support/help?

If you are up for it, let me know how it goes! Comment below or email me directly at

Was it easy? Was it hard? Do you want to dive deeper?

Give yourself the greatest gift this weekend – some time for yourself.

You have not only earned it but you deserve it!

With a Smile,


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