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In this week’s episode of Reflective Fridays, I talk about what Steven Pressfield calls Resistance in his book The War of Art. If you haven’t read that book, you should because it will hit home.


We all have something we may want or feel we need to do but just don’t get it done. Often times, we talk ourselves out of it, before we even begin.

After watching this week’s episode, take this week’s challenge:

  • What is something you have wanted or feel you need to do but haven’t?
  • What have been your excuses or points of resistance that have prevented you from doing it?
  • Take one point of resistance and flip it on its head. Turn the negative into a positive – and write down a positive action you can do – today – that will get you on your way of overcoming your own excuse or resistance.

Resistance doesn’t have an ego – it just knows that it can win. It takes effort to overcome it, but less effort than you may think.

Blow up your resistance and open the door to your truest, best self!

And don’t forget to start and every day with a SMILE!