One of the brilliant pieces of marketing is that you have the opportunity to shape what people “think” and that can be powerful stuff.

And it can work with you or against you…as many of you already know.

Some of you who have watched my videos or read my Blog know that I am a big proponent of working on yourself first, i.e., taking time to get to know YOU and not who you think other people want you to be. And this is critical because if you don’t know who you are, how can you share yourself, your story, your product or services with others…?

You may be able to, but not very well.

So, let’s assume you have taken time for you, to build what I call your ‘Home’ [foundation, support and protection] and now your focus is on marketing your product or service to customers and clients.

This (short) article, Are Your Business Goals and Actions Aligned? raises 3 great ideas/questions:

1) How you act is who your customers believe you are and those beliefs impact your outcomes.

2) What do you want them to believe?

3) Are your business goals and actions aligned?

Today is Friday and I like to use this day as my ReFlective Friday – to think about the week, see what worked, what didn’t work and what I can do more of, better next week.

Take a few minutes to ponder the 3 ideas/questions above. [And if you need some self-reflection time, take it because YOU are your own guide]. And answer:

1) Who are YOU? How do you want to be showing up each and every day?

2) How do you act?

3) What do you want your customers to believe?

4) Are your business goals and your own actions aligned?

Let me know how you do. Nobody is perfect – we are human beings after all…But we can always use some practice…