Yesterday I wrote about Your Voice in 2017…

  • What is your voice?
  • What do you want to say?
  • Do others hear and understand you?
  • Are you sharing what you want to share?

These are questions I ask myself and my clients on a daily and weekly basis. And that’s why the article, Why Your Voice Matters More than Ever This Year, by Sonia Simone really struck me.

  1. There are 3 things that resonated with me – and why I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it.Truth and Courage
  2. It’s about You
  3. It’s not about you

Yes, I know the advice is not unique. However, now, more than ever, is time to not only find, uncover or rediscover your voice…but a time to share it with others.

Yes, it take courage to tell the truth and to show up as your truest, best self everyday…even when it may not be popular.

Yes, it is about YOU. Who YOU are, not necessarily who others want or expect you to be. Or for that matter, who you expect yourself to be.

And yes, it’s not about you. You don’t live in a silo – you live in a community. What you do today does affect others today and tomorrow. What you do does affect how others feel.

This is one of my favorite passages from the article:

2017 needs you

We need people who are not afraid of hard work and big ideas.

We need people who understand that the web is made of real human beings, with problems and feelings and complicated lives.

We need people who will resist the epidemic of unkindness.

So, I ask…What does your brave, courageous and truthful voice say?

And supporting this idea is Seth Godin and his blog post today, More and Less

More creating

Less consuming

More leading

Less following

More contributing

Less taking

More patience

Less intolerance

More connecting

Less isolating

More writing

Less watching

More optimism

Less false realism

So, I ask…What does your brave, courageous and truthful voice say?