Serena Williams is one of my sports idols. Check that, an idol for not just sports but life. I know other people say this but I mean it for real. I wrote a Blog post “Win from Within” this past Summer.

I had the honor and privilege of seeing Serena Williams at the U.S. Open in September. And even though she didn’t win the trophy, her strong will and tenacity stays strong. Since she was a young girl, she understood that if you want to be great, you must first believe in yourself and that you are great.

The fact that you must Win from Within! Too often, we look to external things or people for gratification before looking at ourselves. In order to Win from Within, we need to:

  1. Love and respect ourselves
  2. Know we are worth it and deserve happiness and abundance
  3. Tune out the voices we hear (yes, even those voices in our head) that say we aren’t good enough, we can’t do it or don’t deserve it

Being great is individual – it is not something defined by the “masses.”

Serena has dedicated her life to excellence. She doesn’t always win by external standards (remember, she lost the U.S, Open this year) but I am guessing she is always excelling by her own.