I HEOR workshopam so exited to be a part of next week’s HEOR and Market Access Writing Workshop in Philadelphia, PA (March 26-27). Not only do I get to share my expertise of honing in on your target audience and being impactful with your value messages but I get to learn from fellow experts  on best practices of creating HEOR Communication and Publication strategies, getting published and tips on aligning your publication plan with managed markets and other agencies. I am also really looking forward to the Lunch & Learn with Nancy S. Berg, the CEO and Executive Director of ISPOR. Register here today!

However, no matter how well designed the strategy or how well written the words – the delivery and how you say it makes a difference. In my line of work, it’s not just about the data but it’s about adding value and making a difference. Your impact is more than just your words – it’s how you deliver your message and share those words.

Think back to a time when you said “Thank you” to someone just out of habit. Did you really mean it or did you say it because you thought it was what intentionthe other person wanted to hear. The receiver of your message can tell if you mean it or if you are just saying it to be nice. The same goes for your customers. They know whether you have excitement and belief in what you are presenting to them or if you are just going through the motions. Given the time and effort it takes just to get in front of your customers, don’t you want your interaction to have meaning and be impactful?

It’s not just the words you say or the data you present – a majority of the impact is reliant upon your delivery, your presence and your meaning and intentions. Be present and be intentional!