Now, I admit that much of what I write is to help you get into a Positive Mindset or at least reflect on where you are in life, what you want out of life and ways to help you be successful. And actually, this title is deceiving because what I am about to share with you will get you into a Positive Mindset because you will have permission to say “NO!” and REFUSE to keep doing things that weigh you down; result in you feeling tired, exhausted even. By refusing to do these things, you will feel not only ‘lighter’ but stronger and be able to not only live each day with intention but have the motivation and power to turn your intentions into action!

So, without further ado…

~ Pursue perfection
~ Become distracted
~ Let negativity drag you down
~ Allow others to make your decisions
~ Allow past failures to drag you down
~ Give mental space to self-limiting beliefs
~ Believe what you want is impossible
~ Become overwhelmed
~ Stop learning, developing and growing

Lolly Daskal wrote this article: 9 Things Enormously Productive People Refuse to Do but I wrote out the 9 Things out for you, in case you don’t read the full article.

While none of this is new information – you need to hear it – every day. As a matter of fact, print out these 9 Things and put them on your way, near your computer, on your phone. They are simple and what may seem common sense – but how often do you do them? And just imagine what your life would be like every day if you REFUSE to do those things?!

Start small, though. Pick one – and live it today. Pick any one because they are all awesome.

What will you REFUSE to do today?