Here in the United States, Halloween will soon be upon us.
Some people take hours, even days to pick out just the right costume while others just “make something up.”
So in light of preparing for my home and neighborhood Halloween festivities, I thought I would share this fun quiz with you.
If you were to pick one of these costumes to wear, which would it be?
a. Vampire, grim reaper, witch or devil
b. Tarzan or Princess
c. Batman, pirate or Wonder Woman
d. Sexy model
Now, while you are thinking about your answer, I would like to ask you a question.
What does High Performance mean to you?
Some of my clients have said it means being more focused, productive, influential and successful. Others have said it means feeling good about getting out of bed in the morning. Others have said it’s getting that promotion they have had their eye on for years. And others have said it’s getting more time at home for themselves and with their families.
But it’s not easy and MANY people struggle more than they have to in these areas.
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Okay – back to the Costume Quiz…
Would you be a vampire or Wonder Woman? Would you be Tarzan or a Pirate? See what a psychologist has to say about your choice here. And remember, this is all in fun and not a “scientific” study 🙂
And if you want to learn more about what High Performance can mean to you and what you may be missing out on, just click here!
Happy Halloween!