It’s what in your HOME that matters…

I took a picture of my house this morning because we are going to do some small updates soon and it’s always fun to have the “before and after” photo. Soon the 2 trees right in front will be gone, our driveway will have more functionality and the retaining walls will actually be able to, well, retain…

Dave Smalarz and I bought this home almost 8 years ago and pretty much every room has been updated (many by us with help from our family – thank you!!). Every year, we have put more of ourselves into it and with each update or renovation, our house has become more of a Home.

And I got to thinking this morning that this is very much like life.

Each year, we have more experiences and interactions. Each year, if we work at it, we get closer and closer to being ourselves, creating our own Home. It’s a never ending project (much like owning a house or property) but the more work you put into it, the more love you give – the more you get out.

Just taking the examples of cutting down the 2 trees right in front. 8 years ago, they were small but not surprisingly, they have grown. We haven’t really taken care of them and now they are somewhat in the way. So, we are freeing ourselves of them, so you can see the full front of the house. And to make way for a new mudroom (perhaps…?). But we are taking them down to have room for the house to be seen and to maybe even expand.

Again, similar to life. Sometimes, even if we have had something for a long time, it tends to get bigger or take up more space than we initially thought. And it can get in the way…We may need to get rid of things so we can really be seen, fully for our truest, best selves. And so we have room to grow.

In the end, we each have our own Home – it’s just a matter of how much time and effort we dedicate to really, truly making it our own.