When I travel (like I am this week), a luxury for me is to go to the hotel lobby, grab a coffee, order some breakfast and read the USA Today (thanks changeCourtyard Marriott!). Yes, I LOVE to read the USA Today newspaper. It’s a great read during breakfast as I learn a little about a lot of things. And depending on my meeting schedule, I retain pieces of information that I can bring up with clients, depending on their interests, hobbies, etc. But that’s not all. Nine times out of 10, there is an inspirational story or a “call-out” that makes me sit back and ask “What is my value-add today?”

Today I read: Changing the World One Hackathon At A Time and honestly, it brought tears to my eyes. Kalimah Priforce, CEO of Qeyno Labs puts African-American teens to the test by challeing their ingenuity to work at group coding contests. One example is a 14 year-old boy who is building an app to help African-American teens like himself feel less nervous around police officers. The app will have tips – the digital equivalent of “the talk” this teenager gets at home. Now, I am not going to get into why there is a need for an app like this in the first place – but what is amazing is Mr. Priforce hosts these group coding competitions to enable teenagers to realize they have a greater potential and can offer value – and it’s exciting!

When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to work on projects, speak with clients – because I help to redefine the definition of value in the healthcare market. My passion is improving patients’ lives – and helping others recognize that patients are people, too; that they have families, live in communities – and aren’t on a “patient planet” but are part of a larger society, something bigger than just themselves. And while I’m not on stage supporting teenagers and helping them to realize their potential via hackathons, I am working every day to hack the traditional definitions of value when it comes to medical treatments in the United States.

What is your value-add? What are you doing today that you can look back later this evening and feel a sense of accomplishment? We all can do this – have you?glass ceiling