Last night I watched one of the parts of PBS’s series ‘Makers’ It was very interesting to hear about women’s stories from the 60’s up to now. And as woman it was somewhat inspiring. glass ceilingI realize there are multiple parts to this series but on last night’s episode, there were no women from pharmaceutical companies or healthcare organizations. I hope women will be included in future episodes and it’s not because women’s stories are still in the making in our industry? I hope we aren’t that far behind.

In a related article in the Telegraph “Gender equality will happen – but not until 2095” data are presented leading to the conclusion that women will not attain equal economic participation levels and opportunities until 2095. Speaking not only as a woman, but a mother, a wife, a daughter and a citizen of the United States, it is incomprehensible how in this day and age, when we understand that it “takes a village” to be successful, that this level of inequality exists – and continues to exist. Every day we have choices and I mentioned this on LinkedIn not too long ago “I choose to.”  In order to rid our communities of inequality and increase the level of respect for everyone who contributes, we need to make positive choices.

So, my question to myself (and to you), is in making my choices, what does my ladder in life look like? Where is my ladder going and is it long enough to get me where I want to be? Am I stepping on or blocking people on my way up or am I building bridges and support systems for success? Where is your ladder going?