You determine your step…

It’s Friday! While I enjoy every day of the week, most people seem to enjoy Friday the most – and it shows. And the Friday of an upcoming holiday weekend – forget about it! Most people are smiling, relaxed, not rushing (unless you are driving somewhere for the long weekend and in that case you are probably not doing any of those things until you reach our destination…)

Reflecting on my week (I use Fridays for my ReFlective Fridays), I had a lot to think about. And while I shared a bit about my being a part of the NFTE program at Babson College earlier this week, I wanted to share some additional thoughts here. And yes, they are related to the picture heading up this Blog Post.

Many of you may be on one of the following steps:

I can’t do it.

I want to do it.

And some of you may even be up to:

How do I do it?

But, you know the kids I got to meet earlier this week? They all got beyond the “How” and “I’ll try” and the “I will” and were able to say “Yes, I did it!”

Granted, there were 2 grand prize winners out of about 50 but I would say that each of them could go home saying “Yes, I did it!” because they did. They got through all of the other steps.

Were they perfect? Nope.

Did they make mistakes? Yup.

Did they grow from the experience? Most certainly!

Now, I understand that they will start a new staircase soon. But I have a feeling that since they made it to the top of one, they will find their way to the top again.

And that brings me to my Challege (or question) for you today 🙂

Which step are you on today?

What do you need to make it to the next step?

I encourage you to take some time over this holiday weekend, while you are relaxing, to think about this. We all have the “Yes, I did it!” inside of us – it’s just a matter of exposing it, giving it some room to grow and come out!


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