It is with a heavy heart that I write this Blog post today. I received a call early this morning that I lost one of my cousins last night. She was young (only 49), the mother of 3 children and she took her own life a couple of days ago. While it was not a surprise to hear the news, it is still a shock.

Many people ask me why I started my business. Why do I work with women? Why am I a coach? Why am I a write, a speaker, a teacher? And while this is an extreme example, my passion and driver in life is to help women realize their truest and best selves. It is to help them uncover their own internal beauty and in some cases, see it for the first time. It is to help them on their journey so they know they are not alone; so they can celebrate their road traveled because it’s theirs.

I was not able to reach my cousin. She had many challenges in life – as we all do. Unfortunately, those challenges became too much for her to bear. Now, I know – or I should say that I hope – your challenges are not too burdensome to bear. I have always been a believer in hope but more so of self reliance and strength. But, I know that there is also a need to have and build a support system. If for nothing else, to have a tribe or community of people who know, understand and love you. So you can ask:

Can you hear me?

Hearing you can be lending you a helping hand; listening; giving you a hug; or giving you a swift kick in the pants!

Can you hear me?

I am happy; I am sad; I am angry; I am confused; I am excited; I am scared.

Please know that you are not alone. You are an amazing, beautiful and strong person. And even though you may not feel like it every day, like a good friend of mine says, “Fake it ’til you make it!”

And one last request, or maybe a piece of advice…If you feel like you aren’t heard, speak or scream louder. Don’t lose your voice because you deserve to be heard. Each and every one of us has an inner beauty and we need, we are obligated to share it.

What inner beauty are you sharing today? What are you communicating to the world? Choose positively because people are listening.