You know it’s there.

You feel it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do.

The temperature drops.

The winds howl.

And then the rain…oh, the rain!

It rains; it pours.

And you feel there is no way out.

It’s hopeless. You feel despair.

And then the eye of the storm comes upon you.

It’s calm. It’s peaceful.

The grace and beauty like nothing you have ever seen.

It is now that you can see the storm

for what it truly is…


And you made it through, again.

You are surviving…No!

You are living!

Your inner storms come and go.

And every time you grow…


More resilient.

More full of love, fulfillment and joy.

Your inner storm is a gift.

One you share with the world each and every day.

A gift that grows with you.

So, embrace your Inner Storms.

You will have them. They will come.

They make you, YOU.

Without your Inner Storms

Life is stagnant. Life is stale.

Here’s to your Inner Storms!

Here’s to LIFE!