It is in the gates

Within your soul

Where you live.

There is more, outside.

There is beauty, outside.

There is strength, outside.

Yet, the gates feel safe and warm.

Opening the gates

Is forbidden.

For if you leave those walls

You don’t know what awaits.

You know what’s inside.

Yet, beyond is unknown.

Or is it?

You know there is





Beyond those walls.

You know you have to go

You need to go

But the key is just beyond your reach.

Or is it?

Has it been there all along?

Safely tucked away for no one to see?

For fear that Inner Warrior

Would escape?

Well, it’s time to take out your key

Unlock the gate

Unlock what’s inside

Unleash your soul

For when you walk outside of your gates

You Unleash Your Inner Warrior

It’s Your Road to Unbecoming.

With a Smile,


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